Several factors that affect connector prices

1.Connector material
All circular push-pull self-locking connectors have nickel-plated brass internal components, brass-plated chrome/black chrome/nickel, and insulators that use PPS (absolutely no nozzle material).

2.Plating thickness of Push-pull self-locking connector
Each push-pull self-locking connector terminal is selected for gold plating in order to extend the life and use time. Gold plating is not only to prevent corrosion and improve the conductivity, but also can be largely waterproof, "1u" gold is the cheapest gold-plated The thicker the gold plating layer, the higher the cost.
3. Connector precision
Different uses of thimble, different assembly methods will affect the price of the connector. As the assembly of the connector is basically a manual assembly, assembling a small connector is more difficult than the large one. Manually operated small connectors cannot be completed quickly, so the price will be higher. The more complex the key positions of the connector pins, the higher the connector price.
4. The advanced level of making connector devices
Many circular push-pull self-locking connectors are machined with automatic lathes and relatively inexpensive, as the manufacturing requirements for automatic lathes are not as high.
5. The quantity of connectors
We usually estimate the price and delivery time based on the order quantity, specifications and our stock situation. Generally follow a large number of priority principles.