B series connectors

Multiple positioning pin selection avoids intermixing between similar connectors
Positioning pin system (<G> is standard positioning pin) for connector alignment

K series connectors

Waterproof connection (IP68 / IP66)
Robust housing design for extremely harsh working environments

S series connectors

Single core type transmission current up to 230 A, multi-core type up to 106 core
Step-like (half-moon) ferrule with both male and female pins, polar orientation

F series connectors

F series split-lock self-locking plug adopts half-moon ring positioning device, multiple positioning tabs are available

XF servies connectors

Safe split-push-pull self-locking system; Internal semi-circular positioning prevents mis-insertion

Coaxial Connectors

Printed board connector single core coaxial connector

Male plug

Plastic housing made of PSU, light weight

Plastic socket

Tail nuts and socket round nuts are color-coded to prevent mis-insertion

plastic push-pull connector with Sheath

Multiple colors to choose from (gray, blue, yellow, black, red, green and white)