Connector’s manufacturing analysis

The manufacture of connectors can be generally divided into four stages: stamping, electroplating, injection molding and assembly.

 1, Stamping
The manufacturing process of electronic connectors generally begins with a stamped pin. Through large-scale high-speed punches, electronic connectors (pins) are stamped from thin metal strips. One end of the large-volume metal belt is fed into the front end of the punching machine, and the other end is wound into the reeling belt through the hydraulic workbench of the punching press. The metal belt is pulled out by the reeling belt and rolled up to punch out the finished product.

 2, Electroplating
After the connector pin stamping is complete, it should be sent to the plating section. At this stage, the connector's electronic contact surface will be plated with various metal coatings.

 3, Injection molding
The plastic connector of the electronic connector is made during the injection molding stage. The usual process is to inject the molten plastic into the metal film and then rapidly cool it.

 4, Assembly
The final stage in the manufacture of electronic connectors is assembly of finished products. There are two ways to connect the plated pins with the injection box seats: separate plug or combination plugs. Individual plugging refers to inserting one pin at a time; a combined plug inserts multiple pins at the same time with the cassette holder. Regardless of the type of patching method used, manufacturers are required to detect all pins in the assembly stage for missing and correct positioning. Another type of routine inspection task is related to the measurement of the spacing on the mating surface of the connector.

Connector Usage Guidelines:

When using the connectors, proper use and storage will avoid unnecessary trouble.
       When receiving the connectors, please carefully observe the packaging to see if it is damaged, but also to see whether the connectors is damaged, etc., we must ensure that the connectors we received is intact, so as not to affect our use. When not using the connectors for the time being, don't place it arbitrarily, especially in a place with sunshine, because the long-term sunlight exposure will cause quality damage, which will affect its use, and even a security accident will occur.
Connectors can not be placed in high temperature or high humidity temperature, will damage the connector, especially in a chemical environment, the connectors will be corroded, so that the outer layer of metal protective layer loses its protective effect, causing the inside current The destruction of the line, without the normal conductive function, it becomes a waste.
      When you need to move the connectors, do not panic, be careful to avoid the connectors touching a hard object, causing damage to the connectors, and can not be placed under the weight, so as not to crush the connectors.
     The connectors also has a decoy, which is a grease-like object. In the process of storage or use, the connectors loses its original function if it comes in contact with oil-based items and becomes an obstacle to our work.
    Although these things are all tiny things in life, but we cannot ignore them.

How to extend the service life of the connectors

1. During use, try to reduce the times of plugging and pull to avoid excessive current or short circuit. If the plug and pull frequently will affect the life of the connector core, the function of the connector will be reduced once the connector core is damaged. , Or even lead to direct failure of the connector performance; current is too large or often short circuit is the connector pin burnout; so use the device with the connector should try to keep the current stable state.

2, need daily maintenance. When the connector stops working, the connector should be covered with a dust cover to prevent dust from entering, so as not to affect the connector core. When the connector is maintained, you can use anhydrous ethanol and clean it with a clean cloth. Remember to use acetone and other chemical solvents for cleaning. These cleaning agents will have harmful effects on the connector. After cleaning, you need to dry thoroughly to use.

3, the user must choose to cooperate with the formal enterprise when selecting the connector to ensure the quality and after-sales service of the connector.

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